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Street Style’s Officially Back: Copenhagen Fashion Week SS22

I recently went to a friend’s house for a catch up and somewhere between coffee two and three, she mentioned that she felt like she’d totally lost her way with her personal style. I quickly glanced at my outfit and then hers – basically carbon copies of each other; white tee, straight blue jeans, Birkenstocks. Oh god, we’d lost it. The contrast between this and our younger years walking through the city’s Victorian arcades in our tailored trousers, cashmere knits and Italian leather brogues suddenly felt incredibly stark. This quick surge of panic triggered my brain to soften the blow with a comforting thought – maybe we’d just forgotten about it?

Between buying houses, new jobs and having babies (not me) in lockdown, we’ve had fewer creative pennies in the jar and less time to focus on fashion. It’s been lower on our list, let’s say. But if I’m honest, I’m getting to the point where I’m tired of my Birkies – and by that I quite evidently don’t mean Birkins.

Earlier this week, snaps from Copenhagen Fashion Week hit my Instagram feed like a shining ray of hope for my sartorial future. Some fresh, juicy new style inspo to swoon over. FINALLY. And it didn’t even take an army, just a handful of exceptionally cool Scandi women in blacked out sunnies, sleek hair and ‘Ooooh’ worthy ensembles has got my fashion radar flickering again.

In short: it’s become very evident over the past year and a bit that fashion requires places to go and people to meet and, for the style elite among us, a lamppost to lean on and a busy street to cross as the camera lenses’ shutter.

So thank you to Copenhagen’s best dressed for reigniting the flame. I just bought these Zara heels so I think I may be finding it again (fingers crossed).

My favourite street style looks from Copenhagen Fashion Week SS22:

1. Hints of Fleuro

Combine neutral tones and texture with vibrant hues of orange and lime.

copenhagen street style ss22 / Acielle / Style Du Monde

2. Bright Leather Macs

Make your mac the star with a simple bodysuit and black trousers combo.

copenhagen street style ss22 / Acielle / Style Du Monde

3. Canadian Tuxedo

Denim on denim – choose structured pieces and team with monochrome pieces.

copenhagen street style ss22 / Acielle / Style Du Monde

4. Suits You

Just you and your suit – no frills needed. Bootcut flared leg seems to be where we’re heading.

copenhagen street style ss22 / Acielle / Style Du Monde

5. Baggy on Bottom

A summer staple and a failsafe way to just look impeccably chic – like you’ve just flown in from the Riviera.

copenhagen street style ss22 / Acielle / Style Du Monde

6. Shorts & Boots

Isabel Marant eat your heart out. It’s all about that mid-length boot.

copenhagen street style ss22 / Acielle / Style Du Monde

7. Black’s my Favourite Colour

Add a primary-toned bag or heel for the new way to wear all-black.

copenhagen street style ss22 / Acielle / Style Du Monde

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