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Why Resort 2021 Feels A Little Out Of Place

As the sun sets on Resort 2021, the urge to hop on a plane rises. Thankfully, designers softened the blow with less vacation-inspired cruise collections this time around. Instead using it as an opportunity to showcase their style DNA with a more practical, nu-pandemic approach. True, sand-in-your-hair holidaying may be a thing of the past for now but the fashion houses have proven that adjusting to the times with trans-seasonal pieces can be just as delightful…

Isabel Marant

If I was to be reincarnated I would like to come back as an Isabel Marant muse, please. Give me polished and feminine with an invisible yet powerful demeanour of ‘Parisian cool’ that’s impossible to emulate any day of the week. Eponymous for her ability to create that intangible nugget of French style, Marant always provides the ultimate in easy chic with the slightest touch of boho flair. Her Resort 2021 collection carried this sentiment with so much, possibly too much, ease. I’ve always been a huge believer that an incredible statement jacket is first and foremost the easiest way to look stylish. It’s the piece I’ll always gravitate towards when scrolling through a lookbook and when I locked eyes on this paisley number (to the right) I did let out a little squeal. The unusual lapel, cropped length, slightly oversized fit, high neckline, defined piping: it’s my idea of absolute perfection. Teamed with acid wash denim, another Marant-fave, and I’m over and out, done, finito.

Untitled design (5)

Medium wash denim shirt - Article without modelLight wash Balloon Jeans - Article without model

Denim shirt / Light wash balloon jeans


Less for the seasoned jet setter and more for the atypical Ganni girl, the Scandi fashion house followed suit this season, toning down the ‘holiday’ element for the genre of their Resort 2021 collection. Despite its Nordic minimalist roots, Ganni has become renowned for effortlessly fusing an alternative playfulness into its designs. You can spot a Ganni girl a mile away; she’s usually heading towards a book shop during the day and she’s backstage at a gig in the evening. She’s an absolute master at layering, too. Resort 2021 reflects this with great efficiency. Juxtaposing the rough with the smooth, their iconic white frilly collar is teamed with black leather and soft lilac knitwear paired with military boots for that certain desirable edge that all It Girls tend to encapsulate so well. Why’s she in the kitchen, you ask? Maybe she’s just got back from an all-nighter, maybe she’s cooking up a full English for her boyfriend, a Ganni girl’s personality is just as haphazard as her style; you never quite know what’s she’s going to do next.

Untitled design (6)

Double baby-collar shirt - Article without modelPocket cargo pants - Article without model

White collar shirt / Relaxed leather trousers

Jil Sander

Pure is the word to describe Jil Sander’s creations in a nutshell. To quote the designer herself, “I think there is always a need for pure design. With pure design, you don’t need so much decoration.” It’s in the finer details that you see Lucie and Luke Meir’s Resort 2021 collection come to life, with the fashion house’s penchant for maximalism very much front and centre from the very first look. Pieces are elegant and delievered in their purest form with subtle intricacies. Note embroidered billowed sleeve (to the left) and cinched-in waist tied with an imperfect bow (to the right). Everything is carefully considered yet completely unique. No shouting from the rooftops, just wonderful design. This cream, almost lemony colour palette is so unusual in a way that feels incredibly refreshing for the die-hard maximalist. For me, you can never go wrong with a head-to-toe neutral outfit – it makes you feel just that little bit chicer and like you truly know what you’re doing, even if you don’t have a clue.

Untitled design (7)

Cotton pleated trousers - Article without modelOversize flowy shirt - Article without model

Cotton pleated trousers / White oversized shirt


If glamour’s your thing, Balmain offer it in button loads. Never venturing too far away from their famous military-style tailored jackets, their Resort 2021 collection offers a more relaxed aesthetic with the inclusion of denim and tight cycling shorts. You’ve got to have some balls to be a Balmain girl; if you’re an introvert, it’s probably not your thing. That being said, my usual shy personality is all for this loud, slightly brash way of dressing. There’s no better way to do casual-chic than a baggy jeans and heel combo. Harking back to the Carrie Bradshaw days of more is more, Balmain Resort 2021 is basically telling you to layer that sh*t up. Big sunnies, big earrings, big blazer, big heels. If we can’t have a bit of fun with our style right now, we may as well just stay in our trackies for the foreseeable – although that does sound quite appealing…

Untitled design (8)

Carousel Image 1Carousel Image 0

Blue double breasted blazer / Retro style sunnies

Louis Vuitton

My forever French fashion house for the ultimate inspiration, Louis Vuitton’s Resort 2021 story is one of colour with a sporty plot twist. The heels are still out but the techy streamline fabrics, cropped cargo pants, and loosely fitted Bretons in zingy yellow add an element of casual leisurewear we can probably all get on board with right now. The pointed court shape is in my opinion still the only way to go when it comes to a heel and I’ve fallen very much in love with these yellow boots (to the left). Shot at LV’s headquarters in Paris, should this minimal office setting prompt us to up our workwear game once WFH becomes a thing of the past? For me this collection has made me realise that anything looks better with a court shoe – I just need to figure out how to wear them all day now without passing out in pain.

Untitled design (9)

Carousel Image 1Carousel Image 1

Yellow court heel / Zip utility gilet 

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