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My Week in Outfits

If you’re British, you’ve probably experienced a whole load of extreme weather conditions this week. *Looks out of window* It’s sunny, yay! *Walks out of front door* Bloody hell, it’s freezing. *Walks down street* It’s hail-stoning, great…

giphy (2)

This weather is as imbalanced as yours truly on one of those hormonal days when my boyfriend tries to hide from me. Creating outfits that are April-appropriate seems impossible sometimes. We all know the feeling…

giphy (3)

A few tips on how to dress for this crazy, unpredictable weather. 1) Invest in some lightweight jackets. Bombers are on trend and easy to style. 2) Stick to cropped denim jeans. We don’t live in the Bahamas, it’s not time for bare legs just yet – thank god (need to find my gym pass). 3) Wear suede before summer hits. I loved implementing suede into my winter wardrobe last year. I feel like this trend just won’t sit right for spring/summer – get your wear out of suede pieces now before it’s too late.

Outfit #1: Out for drinks

Last Saturday was the perfect time to feed my suede addiction before summer arrives. I tried to make double suede a thing – I think I pulled it off, maybe.

Jacket – Topshop / Shirt – Marks & Spencer / Jeans – Gap / Boots – Office

Outfit #2: Coffee date

I don’t even care if I look like Noel Gallagher in this outfit. My favourite combo with khaki is blue denim and a black and white stripey tee – always has been, always will be.

Bomber Coat – Marks & Spencer / Tee – Urban Outfitters / Jeans – Gap / Trainers – Adidas

Outfit #3: Gig night

Although this look is predominantly black, there’s hints of spring in there. The pretty pink florals on the bomber and the cutesy ruffled collar on the blouse – see!

Bomber Jacket – Marks & Spencer / Blouse – Zara / Jeans – Topshop / Shoes – Topshop


  1. Carolyn Walker says

    Just loving your blog, your article this week was so apt and loved your skincare one as well, keep writing Jessica x

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