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The D&G Mamma: Accepted or Archaic?

Long-standing Italian designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, have found themselves at the centre of a social media storm after expressing their somewhat controversial views on same-sex adoption. Following their AW15 collection, ‘Viva La Mamma’, in Milan Fashion Week recently, the design duo spoke to Panorama about their allegiance towards the ‘traditional’ family, in other words a family with a mother and a father, ‘No chemical offsprings and rented uterus: life has a natural flow, there are things that should not be changed’. When asked if the pair would like to be fathers themselves, Domenico replies, ‘I’m gay, I can not have a child. I believe that we can not have everything in life’.



After creating such a positive and powerful message about the beauty of motherhood in their AW15 collection (featuring a pregnant model, the Spice Girl’s ‘Mama’ song and beautiful bambinos carried down the catwalk) this sudden outburst is honest yet evidently very unexpected by the fashion community. As the article spread, Elton John lashed back at the Italian pair expressing his disgust over their ‘archaic thinking’ which is ‘out of step with the times’. Elton and his partner David Furnish have two young sons through IVF treatment and a surrogate mother. His hashtag ‘#boycottdolcegabbana’ has been used over 30,000 times over social media platforms in the past 24 hours however D&G have fought back with the freedom of speech card. Gabbana responded in an Instagram post, ‘This is respect for a different opinion? #boycotteltonjohn’. I feel so sorry for D&G’s PR team! Boycotts, seriously?

Elton-John-instagramSame-sex marriage and adoption is still illegal in Italy, possibly explaining the fashion couple’s propensity to speak out about the topic in such a casual manner. Although they are contentious, Dolce & Gabbana are, of course, well within their right to express their views. Designers are becoming increasingly outspoken through their collections, take Chanel’s SS15 Feminist Revolution collection. It definitely sparks creation but is it necessarily feeding the fashion industry? Whether you accept Dolce & Gabbana’s opinions or find them archaic, the focus should really be on the fashion.

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  1. We will still buy your clothes, Elton is using Industrial sabotage and should be very ashamed of himself. If we do not have freedom of speech we will be like Russia scared to say anything. He need to pull his head in, as l have seen him many times spit the dummy and speak out and call people names….if anyone would take notice of this they really have not got a brain, We cannot control what people think, and it is not our business to do so…..

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