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How to dress ‘Street-Style’



Even in the depths of Winter, fashion girls can be spotted donning a pair of leather sandals they picked up in Santorini during their summer holidays. It’s a tough one to pull off and it’s mostly all about the dimensions. Your legs must be covered and because we’re talking A/W that pretty much leaves you with one option: long palazzo-style pants, only in black. It’s important you assure the rest of us that you have carefully calculated your sandals for the cold season and you haven’t just thrown on your summer flats in a moment of craziness and walked out the door in minus temperatures. A pedicure is evidently imperative. So is a pair of bold and black tinted sunnies; the only type of sunglasses allowed in Winter, plus they say ‘I’m wearing sunnies in Winter therefore it is sunny therefore I am somewhat allowed to wear my sandals without looking too cray cray’. Now you know.

Shop the look at Mango : Leather Sandals, £24.99; Palazzo pants, £22.45; Cotton cropped jacket, £29.99; Lightweight top, £4.99; Sunglasses, £8.99




colour block

It’s a trend that has always reappeared in the fashion circle since the days of pop art yet it’s something that most of us daren’t try to master properly. In your defence, I am also slightly apprehensive. If you go for two primary colours you can quite easily walk around looking like the next campaign for Mcdonald’s or another respective food chain. Opt for a bright and natural colour block to avoid said trauma and keep silhouettes interesting to add a bit of fashion intelligence. Topshop always wins when it comes to finding affordable and bright statement pieces.

Shop the look at Topshop: Turtle neck Dress, £40Crepe boxy Jacket, £68Suede Boots, £82Leather Clutch, £28

colour block1






I’m naming this the ‘Jrape’, yes that’s a jacket drape. This may be deemed slightly too pretentious by some but who genuinely cares when it looks so fricking hot! Mainly seen after the fashion elite dash out of runway shows after slinging their outerwear over their shoulders, it’s one of those looks that’s a bit of an oxymoron; it is effortlessly staged. A clutch or small handbag is a must as the jacket commands all your shoulder area for this style. This Whistles overcoat looks perfect slung over a white blouse and some distressed jeans – the longer length makes it current and the lapel adds a touch of androgyny. If you’re brave enough to do the ‘jrape’ then I salute you. You’re a true fashionista in the making!

Shop the look at Whistles: Overcoat, £375Lace Shirt, £145; Boyfriend Jeans, £95Slingback shoe boot, £85




The Scandinavian streets hold some of the highest calibre of street style out there. From Copenhagen to Oslo, Nordic fashionistas are inspiring the fashion globe more than ever with their love of clean lines, organic textures and neutral palettes. Germanic genes create model-like features from long legs to thick, blonde hair and their style almost plays down their jaw-dropping beauty. It is no fuss, no nonsense and very easy to wear. Cos is a Swedish brand owned by H&M which, in my opinion, personifies the Scandinavian look. It is chic, minimal and very practical. Oh, and very long-wearing! I know I will still be walking around in my Cos jumpers in years to come because I will always love them – they’re trend-less classics.


Shop the look at Cos: Leather Brogues, £115; Silk Jacket, £115; Striped jumper, £45; Wool trousers, £69




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