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The rise of Sneaker Culture: Have you joined the flat side yet?


Mrs Beckham likes her heels. Sources say she can’t wear flats and avoids the gym as she can’t get her head around the footwear. VB, it seems like the rest of the fashion community aren’t following in your vertiginous footsteps on this matter, even if you are the Queen of style. 2014 was the year of the trainer. Every self respecting fashionista was seen in them – whether they were on the front row or on the tube.

It’s a story that started out with a young girl named Lily Allen. A pop star at a young age, her ‘thing’ was her unique style and her wacky character. Prom dresses teamed with a pair of Nike Air Max 90s quickly became her signature look, yet the fashion world didn’t seem to get it.  A few years later, it seems like they’ve cottoned on with a little help from the ever-growing sports luxe trend. With the likes of Stella McCartney introducing sportswear to their runway collections and designing for Adidas, as well as blogger royalty, such as Susie Bubble, showcasing how to look stylish in sportswear, it was impossible not to follow the hype.

The trainer brand which reigned above all others last year was undoubtedly New Balance. Normally worn by American dads to the gym, New Balance reached the feet of some of the most fashionable and created an unexpected buzz around the blogosphere. Unbelievably, the company’s sales grew by a staggering 900% last year and became the second largest sports footwear brand behind Nike. New Balance, you deserve a medal.

The sneaker trend received its ultimate seal of approval during Chanel’s Spring 2014 Couture. Karl Lagerfeld sent trainer clad models down the runway combined with exquisite couture – a futuristic statement from the designer and one that will inevitably cause another trainer-related hype. When you make it to Chanel, there is no going back – it’s pretty much a done deal that this trend will last a while. Join the flat side today!

Here’s a bit of inspiration…


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