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Part I: My Greek Adventures

This Summer, I went Greek Island Hopping with one of my best friends, Cinzia. The experience gave me a slight taster into what backpacking would be like. Believe it or not I did get worried about the straps on my backpack rubbing my natural tan off my shoulders every time I put it on (a girl thing, I think) however once I got over that it just simply hurt. Joking! It felt so freeing to just shove everything in a bag and leave for another adventure to a different island. The Greek islands are definitely one of the most beautiful places I have been. The population of cats is beyond amazing, the food is cheap but tasty however you get slightly harassed by restaurant owners attempting to entice you in. The sea is the clearest of clear and definitely makes up for the not-so-great sandy beaches. Overall, the experience was better than I had ever expected and I feel blessed to have seen so many beautiful places this Summer with a great friend.

Part I of My Greek Adventures is our initial stop in Athens for two nights, followed by four nights in Paros.


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