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Holiday Blues

With a Greek adventure planned for the summer, I find myself drawn to blue and white when holiday shopping. Who can forget Valentino’s beautiful blue and white gowns inspired by Delft ceramics last year? Historically, blue and white porcelain was thought of as the most luxurious and lust after in the world. Its connections with China meant it was an exotic and interesting choice for Europeans and therefore well sought after. Heightening its importance, blue has been the colour of many army uniforms. It became the shade of liberty in the 18th century, developing into the colour of authority in the 19th century with the public services adopting it for their own uniforms. More simply than historical references, blue is the colour of the ocean which paints the sky a shade of blue too. It’s the colour of most humans’ eyes when they are born. It was the colour of Mother Theresa’s head scarf and the colour of the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring. Blue is a colour with multiple moods, contexts and characteristics attached to it.


Recently, I seem to be buying a lot of my holiday wardrobe from Zara’s TRF section. I always prefer Zara in Summer and TRF is especially strong this season. The clothes are well priced (you can pick up a pair of shorts for £12.99) and good quality (I still have a TRF dress that’s still going strong after six year’s worth of holidaying). Their summer collections are always so perfectly balanced between looking on trend and looking holiday-esque whilst being ultimately very girly. I like to be much girlier in Summer than I am in Winter, it’s like I use up all my femininity when the sun shines and then out comes the tomboy when Winter approaches.

If you’re looking for Summer holiday pieces at the moment, I highly recommend you check out Zara TRF! Have a look at my favourite finds below.

Also, give the blue and white combo a go – whether you opt for a tiled pattern or a simple stripe, you’ll find it’s a trend that will look instantly at home in your holiday wardrobe.


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