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The Perils of Seasonal Transition Style


The leaves have started to fall, it’s getting dark on your way home from work and there’s a nippy feeling in the air. Autumn has arrived. Three hours later the sun is beaming on your wooly tights and jumper, suffocating in the heat and non existent cold breeze, you realise that Autumn has not yet properly arrived – it’s just the seasons messing with you, having a bit of a laugh.

It has come to my attention that mid-season dressing can cause huge problems for girls. It can add up to half an hour to your getting ready time and leave you in a dilemma that has no cures. You can’t wear that summer dress without tights, you’ll look ridiculous! Oh, but you’ll also look ridiculous with the tights on. Nightmare!

So, what are you supposed to wear during the ‘no man’s land’ period between S/S and A/W?

Here’s a few tips. The CLASSICS you should always buy to prepare for Autumn.

Psst! You can click on the images to view all the products online.


Avoid too many layers by investing in a mock shirt so you can stay cool whilst wearing a chunky knit in this multi seasonal weather! Such a clever invention and great to spruce up an old shift dress also! Cos have some in stock for £29 – they have adjustable straps to keep the mock shirt in place and are 100% cotton. Two style are available at the moment – a penny collar and a scalloped edge collar.



Roll necks are imperative for Autumn, for me they are anyway! Opt for a lightweight version for mid season and choose cotton or wool blend materials which will keep you cool. The Zara roll neck (baby blue) is available in other colours and only has 10% wool in the fabric, combined with synthetic materials and cotton this makes it much more breathable than a 100% wool fabric. Wear underneath your denim pinafore summer dresses or with some silk pyjama pants for a great mid seasonal look. For a more casual style, check out Boden’s 100% cotton roll necks in stripy patterns.



Topshop are on fire with this trend – you cannot browse a Topshop store for five minutes without eyeballing a pair of cut out boots. They’re THE perfect transitional footwear for Summer to Winter. The bulkiness of a biker boot has been given a lighter feel with a cut out detail for many of this season’s Topshop boots. Wear with leather skinnies or a tea dress with frilly socks.



It’s still too warm to wrap up in a massive coat so a blazer is a cooler alternative to wear on those days where you just need something to keep you slightly warm. They add a tailored dimension to your outfit and are also great to wear with layers when Winter finally knocks on our door. A checked print is on trend, especially in monochrome tones, and the ASOS fur collar is so cute!




They are a must-have piece for your Autumn wardrobe, however they can easily be worn as a transition piece with a cotton tee to keep cool. A pair of leather leggings need to be worn either casual or evening – no in-between! Wear with a pair of Supergas for a daily look or wear with chunky heeled boots and an oversized shirt for a night out. They are so, so versatile! I’m lusting for an oxblood red pair for this A/W. It’s worth spending a fair bit for the quality, however I reckon the cheaper ones are much more comfortable!




Add a felt hat to your outfits to instantly update your Autumn wardrobe. They look great with your summer style dresses, tights and lace up boots, as well as dressed up at night with a leather pant look. Fedoras instantly create a chic look – wear with fur for a Millie Macintosh inspired style. Opt for neutral or jewel tone colours to blend with the majority of your wardrobe.



These denim smock dresses from ASOS are a great transitional piece – wear with wool tights or socks and ankle boots with a chunky knit for a cutesy style. I am honestly such a sucker for a smock dress! The oversized silhouette is still on trend and makes your legs look skinnier – result!


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