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10.30am-12.30am: adidas by Stella McCartney

Like everything in life, you perform better when you look good, and McCartney believes sportswear is no different. For me, a baggy netball tshirt and a pair of shorts suffices when I’m in the mood for a workout, but there was something intriguing about her showcase for adidas. Her collection was exhibited in the form of synchronized swimmers, gymnasts hanging from the ceiling and spinning models, all showcasing the collection within the practicalities of which it would be used for in every day life – something McCartney was obviously keen to put across to the fashion world. Inspiring women to go out there and swim, cycle, go to a yoga class – this is the main aim. With sustainable textiles, sheer fabrics and fashion details, such as those oversized sleeves on tops and sweaters, McCartney’s collection gives you the best in terms of science and style. We all know it’s important to exercise, and with collections such as this hitting LFW, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore…now where’s my yoga mat?



3pm: Meadham Kirchhoff

I know Meadham Kirchhoff are known for their crazy designs, but this collection really took the Mick. I wasn’t overly keen on the whole pantomime Willow Twanky slash Bo Beep look and I just can’t really get to grips with collections that are so non relatable to the real world. Don’t get me wrong, the hard work and detail that has obviously gone in to the dresses is impressive and the whole collection does tell a story. The guys explained after the show that the collection was influenced by Elizabeth I – apparently she only wore red, black, white and gold. This regal Elizabethan influence explains the corsets and satin brogue-like slippers, as well as the models’ long ringlets. I applaud Meadham Kirchhoff for this collection in that they have evidently put blood, sweat and tears into it, however I can’t help but question how it can relate to real fashion.

meadham kirchhoff

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