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LFW Diaries


7.13am: Champagne hangover. Brilliant. Feeling a bad hair day coming along also – hopefully not as horrific as Marc Jacobs’ S/S 14 models.

8.03am: Eating honey porridge and contemplating outfit nombre deux. I’m thinking a fedora. Can you wear a fedora in September? Too early maybe, but it’s raining again so would be practical. Too much thinking. I don’t think I can deal with this fretting for another three days. I am going to opt for a sweats and tee look for several weeks after LFW ends – the decision making part of my brain needs a rest. I also need to take back the huge bags of purchases I bought for nothing else but a comfort blanket to ensure I had back up options. Better do it soon as I have about 21p in my bank account. Oh, porridge is now cold.

9.31am: Okay, I am ready, let’s do this. Had to give my new KG boots a test run in the rain so took my cat, Fifi, on a little walk around the block. Safe to say, the KGs cannot deal with slippery pavements – I’m talking Naomi Campbell for Vivienne Westwood circa 1993 (google it if you’ve forgotten).

10.13am: En route to Flitcroft Street to see Orla Kiely. Not actually the lady, her SS14 collection. Her work is always very creative so I’m looking forward to it.

11.30am: Orla Kiely SS 14

The girl guides are on safari at Orla Kiely’s show today. The cute berets remind me of Madeline, the knee high socks remind me of primary school and the polka full skirts bring back days of being a little girl. This collection is definitely the cutest and most youthful of collections I have come across this LFW so far. However, today’s show included many wearable pieces, such as the tailored shorts suit, nude cropped jackets with gold hardware and fun, bright tees with animal motifs. The models brought a safari camp scene to life – catching insects, playing cards around the fire and carrying lanterns. Orla Kiely brought something fresh to the table today, okay the concept might not be crazily innovative but it was well executed and most definitely an appealing collection. Kiely, I salute you, with a girl guide salute obviously.

Whistles SS 14

From the top of the Heron Tower, overlooking the city of London in the background, Whistles showcased their Spring Summer 2014 collection. Whistles are at the top of their game at the moment. For a upper high street retailer, their clothes have proven to be fashion forward, good quality, and ultimately a clever buy. With a Whistles purchase you can look designer without paying the hefty price. This collection was inspired by a ‘high tech’ safari concept, including baby pinks, soft camels and metallic. Lines were clean and subtle and silhouettes were rounded. Prints were of animal origin, however zoomed in to create a rather abstract design. In terms of accessories, the brand seemed to be inspired by no other than Victoria Beckham in terms of their handbag range. The models grasped the slouchy leather bags at the hip just like VB!

6pm: House of Holland

I am in LOVE with this collection. Seriously Henry, you have excelled yourself. There was so much colour, however, somehow Holland always manages to make it work without creating gaudiness. You’ve got the iconic House of Holland DNA – the bright colours, the checkerboard print and the shiny fabrics, mixed up with a ghetto-esque influence. There’s the tattoo style emblems on dresses, snap back style hats and hooped earrings. The collection maintained a level of maturity, however, with peek-a-boo lace used on skirts, below the knee fitted dresses and luxurious silk pieces. The strappy stilettos used throughout created a touch of elegance juxtaposed with metallic shades. It felt like the HOH girl had grown up this season and found some attitude along the way. With Harry Styles on the frow, it had to take a whopper of a collection to prevent a fixation of eyes on the young lad – I think this season’s definitely succeeded.

(All images from Telegraph Fashion)

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