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LFW Diaries

London Fashion Week. A beacon for new designers, a congregation of fashion creatives, an event EVERY fashion blogger wants to attend, including myself. As LFW approached this week, I started to think about what my LFW experience would be like if I did have invites with my name on them…


9am: Funny Bunny or Bubble Bath? Fifi, Funny Bunny or Bubble Bath?! Totally lost it due to three whole days of outfit fretting and panic buying the whole of Cos and Whistles. Now I’m screaming OPI shades at my cat! Shouldn’t even be painting my nails this late but only just decided which jacket I’m going to wear. Waking up to hear lashings of rain on the window pane translated as an alarm bell alerting me that my mohair jacket will not suffice in today’s current climate. So, jacket choice number eight (suitably waterproof and sports luxe at the same time) will have to suffice.

9.31am: Just browsing Instagram…looks like Susie Bubble will be rolling up to LFW in a Rolls Royce all week! Good work, Susie, good work. What on earth is that beeping outside? Oh, shit, it’s my taxi. Jesus, only a minute late, seems like even London’s taxi drivers are feeling the heat of LFW. Better dash. I wish I was Susie…

10.54 am: Made it inside the realms of LFW. Currently awaiting my first show of the week and feeling slightly self conscious of my slightly damp hair. There is no way I was going to carry an umbrella around with me, especially as my umbrella collection only spans from Marks and Spencer’s to Accessorize.

10.57 am: Bored so doing a quick famous person count waiting for Felder Felder to start. Kate Nash and Laura Whitmore so far.

11 am: Felder Felder SS 14

This designer couple are sisters from Germany, however they call London their home after studying here at Central Saint Martins. They started their label in 2006 and their brand illustrates women with multi personalities – to be a Felder girl you must be elegant but have a wild streak hiding in the background. For today’s collection, the girls wound the clocks back and reminisced about when they moved over to London. They remember embracing everything without fear, fearlessness being the main influence of this collection. It seems that as the duo’s spirit gains confidence and maturity, so does the label. A watery deep sea theme can be observed in the dewy skin and wet look hair of the models, the vibrant aqua blue scaly prints and the glossy plastic paperbag skirts. Plunging into the depths of the sea takes guts and a fearless character, but, as the girls have learnt, the rewards are beautiful and mesmerising.













3pm: Christopher Raeburn SS 14

Raeburn debuted his first runway show today, something which has been eagerly anticipated by fellow admirers. His collection struck a utility chord, teemed with sports luxe details such as mesh and textured textiles from Italy, tomboy silhouettes and svelte, scuba style dresses. A Raeburn girl is one that’s a sucker for innovative materials, loves practicality and isn’t scared of dressing down to look good. This collection has been amped up a notch for the runway pretty successfully, however it is undoubtedly true that Raeburn will have learnt a lot from his first catwalk debut. Utility is tough to showcase on the catwalk, however Christopher has shown glimmers of success within this collection.













8pm: PPQ SS 14

PPQ transformed their models into Eighties prom princesses for this collection. A combination of vibrant colours and retro prints headed down the catwalk in the form of silk gowns and iconic mid length prom style dresses. The smoky eyes and moon shaped glasses gave an edgier dimension to PPQ’s collection. 80’s inspired frills were added to modern silhouettes to create a juxtaposition of old and new. This collection encapsulates retro glam with a side note of sassiness.


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