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York’s High Street is unfortunately deprived of a Primark so I never, ever shop there. I have never ruled Primark out as a brand I would buy and wear, however I don’t love going in there. The queues, the mounds of clothes, the screaming babies…(there is always at least one screaming baby). Sometimes it just seems like too much effort for little quality. Since I’ve started watching Primark hauls online, however, I am starting to realise that Primark have turned a corner in terms of their quality, design, price, yes, but to be honest I am the sort of shopper that would rather pay a bit more for something to last longer. I can see that as a company they are wanting to compete with the main fashion retailers and give their customers on trend pieces, and I think this is only a good thing. When I entered the Leeds store yesterday, I did go in with an open mind, and a determination to find something I loved. My main theory was to walk at a moderate speed, glance around, see what caught my eye and advance to the item (that sounds like a military plan of action, but I am a girl and this is shopping we’re talking about…). I would much rather do this than start rummaging around, getting all hot and bothered and my plan actually worked! I was drawn instantly to the navy and white polka dot blouse which is slightly cropped and has a fold up sleeve detail. I am always drawn to navy and white so this was no surprise. It was £10, however the material felt weighty and definitely not cheap and the design was just ‘me’ all over so I knew this was a taker. Next in the accessories section I found some round glasses in white for £2, these are so on trend this Summer and I thought they would look amazing with the polka dot blouse…SOLD. I was then attracted towards a sunflower headband piece, also £2. These have obviously become a statement summer accessory, however, the minimalist I am cannot cope with colourful ones! The white and yellow is fresh looking and I think this adds subtlety, meaning you can wear it with more. Sunflowers in wavy hair, baggy white tee and dark jeans is the image that conjures up in my head! I also bought a three pack of bright socks with fruit on which I couldn’t resist at £2.50, and a travel pack of beauty containers which is such a bargain at £1 and perfect for your Summer jollies! 20130612-150330.jpg20130612-150355.jpg20130612-150414.jpg20130612-150434.jpg20130612-150424.jpg


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