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It was all yellow…

Artist, Daniel Buren, collaborated with Marc Jacobs to create the foundations for Louis Vuitton’s SS/13 catwalk show in the form of a white and yellow check runway. The vibrant yellow gleaming from the ground progressed onto the creations that glided across it in a figure of duos. The check pattern was instantly recognised as a development from Vuitton’s iconic Damier, combined with a yellow that reminds me of Sicilian lemon trees in the sunshine – the perfect shade to add to your wardrobe this Summer. Marc Jacobs has described his geometric use of squares in this collection as a way in which to create a powerful statement without telling a story – in other words, mathematics instead of literature. The High Street has incorporated this ‘new minimalism’ trend into their summer collections, progressing into other tessellated shapes and statement yellow pieces to be worn with confidence. Wear with monochrome, like Vuitton, for a mod inspired look which also adds a sophisticated tone and allows you to dress up this sunshine shade. Check out my High Street picks for this trend below!

(Louis Vuitton SS13;



1. TOPSHOP, £18; 2. J CREW, £154; 3. ZARA, £15.99; 4. ESSIE, £7.99; 5. TOPSHOP, £38; 6. WHISTLES, £125



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