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Festival Favourites

myfashionpicks1. Tribal necklace, £28, Topshop; 2. Aztec print denim shorts, €73 inc posting, Custom Vintage Dublin; 3. Suede Chelsea boots, £95, Dune; 4. Vintage Tie Dye Tshirt, £25, Urban Outfitters; 5. Blood orange Scarf, £40, Whistles; 6. Summer Spirit floral crown, £15, Dolly Bow Bow

1. Whatever you decide to pack in your rucksack for this year’s festivals, make sure you slip a tribal necklace into a side pocket! The bigger it is, the bigger the impact. It will provide an instant pick-me-up to your festival wardrobe and boost your fashion ego when you’ve run out of clean clothes to wear.

2. If you want a pair of festival denim shorts, look no further than Custom Vintage Dublin. They lovingly make made-to-order, unique, vintage Levi shorts that scream festival more than any other item of clothing! With a variety of different prints, colours and embellishments to choose from, you are 100% assured to find the denim of your dreams!

3. For years, Sienna Miller has embraced the sandy fields of Coachella, always in a pair of dusty Chelsea boots, providing fashion inspo for the rest of us. They’re authentic, timeless, and most importantly, they’re comfy, so you can run around and dance all night long.

4. A good old vintage tee is an essential. You’ll probably end up wearing it all weekend, so make sure it’s bright with a bold print!

5.For the night time, opt for a bold scarf to wrap around you that compliments your outfit and keeps you from shivering whilst standing in the crowds.

6.You cannot go to a festival, be a girl, and not wear a flower garland around your head for at least a day! They prettify, add an aspect of fun and you can buy these beautiful floral crowns in a variety of colours from Dolly bow bow.

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