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1. EcoTan Classic Self Tan Spray 500ml, £28,; 2. Satsuma Body Butter, £12, Body Shop; 3. Garnier Intensive 7 days daily Body Lotion, £3.33, Boots; 4. St Ives Invigorating All Over Body Scrub, £5.49, Boots31512EU9dXL__SL500_

1. I came across this product in TK Maxx and like every product I buy in there, it was a definite gamble, but it paid off! The pump spray definitely makes this product easy to apply and the fact it’s a liquid means it dries so quickly – no wafting your body around your room with the window open with this tanning solution. It does have that ‘fake tan’ smell the day after applying, however it’s not over bearing and actually very mild compared to some other tanning products I have used. I was impressed with the organic formula this product has – it includes vitamins A and E which help skin vitality and renewal, a nice bonus. The results after applying are pretty much instantaneous and give a very natural tan which is buildable with extra application. I know it’s pricey but I can assure you this product works! If you are lucky to find it in TK Maxx, it’s around £10.

2. I have used this product every summer for many years and it doesn’t get old! If you are a girl, which you probably are, you will most probably know how amazing the Body Shop body butter product is already. Containing Shea butter, it’s a great way to rejuvenate your skin to prep your body for summer. The fragrance in these body butters last such a long time – the satsuma one is especially lasting and smells summery without opting for a general berry fragrance.

3. I like to use an everyday moisturiser on my legs throughout summer just so you know you can whip a dress on in the morning and not have to bother with any prep. I think Garnier products always smell the best, and this one includes added mango oil to soothe and nourish your skin. When applying this product it dries really quickly and for a daily moisturiser, this one is so cheap that you can easily buy it in bulk so you know you have a never ending supply.

4. St Ives are my go-to brand for an affordable exfoliator. As body scrubs go, I would describe this one as pretty abrasive, however I quite like this in an exfoliator as it definitely feels like it has renewed your skin after use. It perfectly does the main thing you want in a body scrub – it makes your skin silky smooth. Perfect for scrubbing fake tan areas off too.

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