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Within a city as historical as York, Coggles breaks through the traditional. The individual retailer encompasses that forward-thinking and modernistic eye to style which is undetectable anywhere else. Their vast and diverse stock ranges from long-standing prestigious labels like Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith, to newer brands with an innovative edge such as Our Legacy and Charlotte Taylor. I visited the store recently to get to know the people that make Coggles tick.


Mary is wearing Opening Ceremony Ski Wedge Boots, High Wriggle Ardent Skirt and Marc by Marc Jacobs Multi Knit Jumper.

How would you describe your personal style?

Creative. I’ve got to be able to make a million different looks from my wardrobe. Punk and vintage undertones feature heavily. Being a Gemini my style can change from day to day, I’m very much a chameleon in that sense. I like to incorporate menswear into my style as I feel it suits my tall and broad shape. I’m a mother so my style has to be practical yet have the ability to be dressed up in an instant. It’s crucial that I can wear a nice knit and sweatpants to do the school run and then just throw on some wedges when I get to work.

Who’s your favourite instore Designer at the moment?

There are too many! I like Joseph for classics, MM6 Maison Martin Margiela for edgy minimalism and Maison Kitsune for tailoring.

What do you like most about working at Coggles?

I’ve been working here on and off for the past ten years so I get away and then I always get lured back. I love helping customers who have lost their direction and need help in order to find what suits them again. I like to play the Fairy Godmother role and transform them into something beautiful.

How does Coggles make a difference to York’s fashion scene?

I think Coggles educates people about new looks and designers. It’s an inspirational shop which gives York the opportunity to wear unique and exciting labels.


Liam is wearing Gourmet Quadici Trainers, Smithy socks, APC Petite Standard Jeans and Christophe Lemaire for Bean Pole Shirt.

How would you describe your personal style?

Contemporary streetwear with blocks of colour thrown in now and again.

Who’s your favourite instore designer at the moment?

Oliver Spencer or Christophe Lemaire.

What do you like most about working at Coggles?

I really like the events the shop hold. Every now and again they’ll get a brand involved and throw a party in the store. I also like that everyone’s got their own style. There are certain styles that I wouldn’t wear but other colleagues do which helps me to see them (the styles) in a different light.

How do you think Coggles makes a difference to York’s fashion scene?

It caters for all ages due to its long standing and prestigious status within the city. Coggles is the only place you can go to in York to buy some of the UK’s premium brands which gives it a major advantage.


Lucy is wearing Surface to Air Moks Wedge Shoes, Surface to Air Skirt, Levi’s Made and & Crafted Penny Collar Shirt, Paul Smith Neon Bracelet, Vintage necklace.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is simple but I like to wear accessories to add detail such as the neon colour in my bracelet and the velvet texture on my shoes. I also like to make sure the clothes I wear flatter my figure.

Who’s your favourite instore designer?

I’m more of a shoes and accessories person. I really love Surface to Air for statement shoes and Comme des Garcons for their wallets – the leather is amazing.

What do you like most about working at Coggles?

You feel like part of a family working here. Everyone has similar interests – everyone’s interested not just in clothes but in the ins and outs of how they’re constructed and what they’re made of. Coggles is always moving forward so it’s really exciting to see new collections coming in every season.

How does Coggles make a difference to York’s fashion scene?

I think from a buyer’s perspective we aim to offer quality and quirkiness rather than just quick High Street fashion.


Matt is wearing Church’s Shoes, Ralphy Socks, Natural Selection Jeans, Our Legacy Shirt, Our Legacy Sweater, Our Legacy Paisley Blazer

How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe it as playful tailoring. I like to wear tailored pieces with interesting prints to give my style a modern aspect. I add hints of colour by wearing bright socks or adding a colourful pocket square to a jacket.

Who is your favourite instore designer at the moment?

Definitely Our Legacy. The classic cuts fit most blokes and it’s very non ageist as a brand. A seventeen year old guy can buy a piece from it and so can a seventy year old.

What do you like most about working at Coggles?

With us being an independent retailer our brand listing is over 200 brands so I feel really lucky to have the ability to work around such a variety.

How do you think Coggles makes a difference to York’s fashion scene?

Our international market has grown significantly recently due to our use of social networking. We give our customers the ability to communicate with us through online mediums, giving us a modernistic appeal.


Check out Coggles’ newly designed website here to buy online. Follow them on Twitter here and add them on Facebook here.

Photography courtesy of Kluens Photography.


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