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Who would’ve thought the biggest trend of this season would have originated from the depths of Sicily’s religious roots? Whilst still keeping their sassy and luxe aesthetic, Dolce and Gabbana’s A/W 12 collection took their creations back to where it all started with cute embellished cherubs, a startling contrast between black embroidered with bright gold and those colourful needlepoint florals.  Opulence is huge this season – it is all about looking regal as hell and taking your style to lavish heights. The brocade print instantly absorbs this attitude to your outfit as well as gold accessory-overload and anything jewel encrusted. Bringing new prints to this print phenomenon we seem to be in (can we call it a rut yet?), you can find shed loads of brocade/jacquard printed trousers on the High Street at the moment, especially in Toppers, which easily transcends you into this style. Brassy, bold yet still beautiful – make sure you add a piece of Sicily to your wardrobe this Winter to join the Baroque hierarchy. Topshop and River Island seem to be the best on the High Street to cater for this trend. Here’s a few key pieces from their present collections to check out.


Top Left: Sleeveless Lace Rose Shirt, £34; Top Right: Tapestry Print Dress, £36; Bottom Left: Stone Velvet Wrap Bracelet, £8.50; Bottom Right: Buckle Platform Boots, £95


Top Left: Black Stud Structured Mini Dress, £60; Top Right: Lion Head Hand Harness, £15; Bottom Left: Black baroque Print Cardigan, £40; Bottom Right: Black Velvet Bow Peg Leg Trousers, £15

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