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Spike the Punch: THE Statement Necklace of 2012!

Spike the punch – add more alcohol to the gathering punch bowl to get the party started! This is how the phrase would normally be used, but Elizabeth Davis has used it to name the jewelry brand of the moment. You could say that ‘Spike the Punch’ is a term relative to the story of the jewelry business that Davis has culminated from a tiny Etsy account. She has spiked the jewelry punch bowl, adding sparkle, innovation and fun, and rather surprisingly stirred up a major craze for her designs, especially her signature piece – the Rainey necklace.

The Rainey hype is here. Inspired by the ‘chunky necklace’ trend of the moment, this Spike the Punch piece is the perfect accessory for this season. Two rows of intricately cut stone hand painted in complimenting neon and vibrant colours make up this weighty semi circle of jewelry bliss. The sparkle of the lower row of stones adds a glamorous touch combined with a duo of bold colours, inspired from marine to camo. The beauty about this necklace is the experimentation and countless outfits you can make with it. Since purchasing mine I have worn it with everything from a white collared shirt teamed with a royal blue tulip skirt and duck egg blue ankle boots to a breton top, emerald skinnies and white supergas – the intelligent balance of sparkle and fashion forward colour means you can use it to highlight both casual and dressed up looks making it a worthy statement piece to add to your wardrobe.   – GWC

Ready to be part of the Spike the Punch club? Stock is very limited due to massive demand so first thing you need to know is you’ll be very very lucky if you do succeed in getting one! Replenishment of stock is announced on their Twitter page (@Spikethepunch_) but you have to be quick, they go very quickly!

Check out their site- and follow them on Facebook at

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