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Mermaid Season

This season, designers have delved deep into the ocean to find inspiration for their Spring/Summer 12 collections and proved that true beauty does lie under the sea. Think opalescent mermaid scales at Chanel, coral plant embellishments at Alexander Mcqueen, tropical marine water graphics at Mary Katrantzou and shells and seahorses at Versace – these designers have caught the trend catch of the season. Fashion has parted seas and allowed marine glamour to sail through, adding new dimensions from luxurious pearls to bold tropical shades to our wardrobes. Fish scales, coral plants and seaweed have all influenced new, lustrous textures to express an ultimately strange and intriguing creature of the deep, combined with slimline and sinuous shapes. Alexander Mcqueen layered silk chiffon in an oyster shade, Lagerfeld embellished every inch, even the models’ hair, with iridescent pearls and Katrantzou brought the trend to reality with mind-blowing bold graphics of a coral reef swimming with schools of tropical fish. Versace built on their mythological icon, Medusa, to create a Goddess of the sea, emblazoning seahorses, starfish and mermaids on their designs. The natural and unique inspirations of the ocean have fused well with designers’ thoughts and created a refreshing experience for the fashion world to enjoy. Spring/Summer 12’s oceanic designs have lured us into the deep this season, but as always with trends like this, we will soon be attracted by something much tastier and before we know it we’ll be flung straight back out of the water. – GWC


Chanel S/S 12 (top left), Mary Katrantzou S/S 12 (top right), Alexander Mcqueen S/S 12 (bottom left), Versace S/S 12 (bottom right)

Oceanic High Street buys below. Click on the image to view online.

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