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b store hits York

B store collections are now hanging from the rails of York’s Fashion retail finest, Sarah Coggles. A month ago, the b store London clan were Coggles bound to throw a party in order to premiere the b store collection to York’s Fashion crowd. The bash had a down to earth feel – bottled beer, a ‘make it up as you go along’ attitude towards the dj set and plenty of relaxed people to converse with. This unpretentious atmosphere appeared to rub off onto the collection too. The collection is confident in its aesthetic, therefore no ostentation is necessary. It has a vision to surpass everyday trends with its use of unique creativity when designing, yet it still maintains a modern look. The collection definitely has a slight late vintage feel to it, with the designs inspired by musical icons of the 70s and 80s, including David Bowie and Joy Division. You can think of this brand as the rejuvenation of vintage clothing. It’s like browsing a top quality vintage store with a fresh, modern style. This brand gives you the necessary option to update your wardrobe by creating an original and inventive style that will last you a lifetime, not just a season. – GWC

Click here to view the full Collection currently at Sarah Coggles.

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